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Schenectady is a city rich in history and accomplishment.  It was here where Thomas Edison founded what would become the General Electric Company, where George Westinghouse invented the rotary engine and air brakes, where the American Locomotive Works once made virtually every steam and diesel locomotive to pull passengers and move freight across our country, and where New York State’s first historic district, the Stockade, was named.
  Once known as the City that Lights and Hauls the World, Schenectady today is poised for a new generation of growth and opportunity. 
Since 2004, Schenectady has undergone a renaissance.  An expanded Proctors Theatre now hosts large scale Broadway shows in the heart of a reinvigorated downtown.  We have welcomed a new hotel, cinema, restaurants, high technology companies, a YMCA, cafes and loft housing in our resurging downtown. GE has added over 1,000 jobs and major technology companies, such as Transfinder, have expanded in Schenectady.  In the last several years our community has brought in over $600 million in new investment. 
   Throughout its 300 year history, Schenectady has proved to be a city of remarkable resiliency and renewal.  As Mayor, I invite you to experience all that our beautiful city has to offer.


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If you need information on issues concerning food, housing, child care, employment, health care, senior care, substance abuse, mental health, financial problems, crisis counseling, legal matters or other matters, United Way 2-1-1 Northeast Region.  You can call 211 Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.  It is a free call.





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