COVID-19 Information for Grievance Period

Greetings!  Grievance period begins Monday, May 3rd and will continue through 8pm on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021.   We are still in a challenging time, but we are all in the office working towards making this process as easy as possible.  Given the circumstances, though, I can assure you we will do our very best to provide the same service to you as we have in previous years.  If your questions regarding the grievance process are not answered below, please send us an email at or call us at 518-382-5075.         

We will be accepting grievance applications through the USPS mail and also through email at  If you would like to send your grievance application through the USPS, please provide us with a self-addressed stamped envelope or an email address so that we may send you a “receipt.”   If you send your grievance application to us via the email above, please provide your property address and SBL or tax map number in the subject line of the email and attach your application as a PDF document.   We will then provide you with an email back to let you know that we have received your application.   In the event we are missing information from you on your application, we will let you know at that time and give you the opportunity to correct the issue.   If you do not hear from us to indicate that we have received your application, please give our office a call. 

If and when you submit a grievance application, someone from our office will be in touch with you to determine if you would like to be “seen/heard” by the Board of Assessment Review on Tuesday, May 25th, which is Grievance Day.   If you would like to be “seen/heard,” we will work with you to set up a phone/web conference with the board at a time that is convenient to you.   The board will consider any and all applications submitted through grievance period, regardless of whether you choose to have an appointment with them.   It will not count against you if you do not have the ability or choose not to be seen or heard by the board.

All grievance applications must be received by 8pm on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021.   In the event that City Hall is still closed to the public, you will be required to submit your application before that date, so if you choose to submit an application through the mail, you will need to make sure to get your application in the mail in a timeframe where it can be delivered to City Hall prior to the cut-off date and time of 8pm on Tuesday, May 25th.  You can submit an application through email, but please give us enough time to be in touch with you and also be able to set up an appointment with the board if you would like one.   

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Grievance Instructions

Grievance Application

Please see the Assessment Process Page for the 2021 Tentative Assessment Roll and other associated documents.   


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