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Schenectady Municipal Golf Course

Listing of City Parks and Locations

  • 10th & Webster Park: 10th Ave/Webster Street
  • Carrie Street Park: Carrie Street
  • Central Park: Central Parkway
  • Fairview Park: Fairview/Campbell
  • Front Street Park: Front Street
  • Grout Park: Hamburg Street
  • Hillhurst Park: Campbell Avenue
  • Jerry Burrell Park: Hamilton/Schenectady
  • Kailberg Park: Lenox Road
  • Landon Terrace Park: Landon Terrace
  • Liberty Park: State/Washington
  • Michigan Avenue Park: Michigan/Norwood
  • Mt. Pleasant fields: Norwood Avenue
  • Orchard Park: Orchard Street
  • Pulaski Park: State/Nott Terrace
  • Quackenbush Park: Forest Road
  • Riverside Park: Washington/Ingersoll
  • South Avenue Park: Park/South Avenue
  • Steimack Park: Cutler/Davis Terrace
  • Steinmetz Memorial: Wendell Avenue
  • Steinmetz Park: Lenox Road
  • Tribute Park: Eastern Avenue
  • Vale Park: Nott Terrace
  • Veterans' Park: State Street
  • Wallingford Park: Congress/Fifth
  • Westinghouse Park: Broadway/Guilderland
  • Woodlawn Park
  • Woodlawn Preserve
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Central Park Rose Garden

Visit the Rose Garden website.
If you would like to make a donation to the Rose Garden Restoration Committee, fill out the donation form (PDF).

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