I Love My Parks

I Love My Schenectady Parks Day 2016

This year, we are kicking off our second annual "I Love My Schenectady Parks Day." Schenectady's parks are a gem of the City and a key ingredient in what makes Schenectady a great place to live, work, and raise a family. We are looking to work with neighborhood groups and other community organizations to assist the City in identifying beautification needs at their respective parks, as well as disseminating information about the upcoming day to residents for volunteer support. 

‘I Love My Park Day’ is a campaign started five years ago by the State of New York, to garner volunteer support in helping to cleanup, improve, and beautify state-owned parks across New York State.  It is a day to celebrate and enhance our park resources, boost volunteerism, and raise the visibility of the entire park system. 

Last year, Schenectady’s first annual event had approximately one hundred volunteers come out and collect over 250 bags of yard waste along with numerous piles of limbs and sticks from the various parks and over 1.23 tons of trash and debris from the numerous parks. 
We are scheduling this event for May 7 (the first Saturday in May). Please let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns.

We will provide all necessary supplies, though we encourage people to bring and wear gloves. We have the following sites and times:

 Time  Contact
 Central Park Green House 8am -2pm   Chuck Thorne
 Riverside 9am-12pm  Matt Smiith 
 Steinmetz 9:30am-12:30pm  Camille Sasinowski
 Woodlawn Park 8am-4pm  Spero Zoulas
 Woodlawn Preserve   10am-4pm  Janet Chen
 Jerry Burell    Melissa Bellew
 Hillhurst 10am-2pm  Flyod Slater
 Wallinford 9am-1pm  Patricia Smith
 Vale 10am-2pm  Carmel Patrick