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The Smart Cities concept is centered on utilizing new technology and innovative methods of problem solving to improve a community's sustainability, efficiency, and quality of life. A Smart City aims to find solutions to typical problems through a new lens, a lens obtained by understanding that the future of local government’s role in its community relies heavily on community engagement. From our Assessment Department to our Water and Sewer Department and everything in between, advancements in technology are continually re-shaping the way we operate in the City of Schenectady. It is our hope that this project will greatly improve the City's efficiency, as well as our ability to serve and communicate with our residents and visitors. 

Local leaders from various fields in the private and public sectors have created a roadmap to help guide our decisions centered on 10 key pillars of smart city progress tailored to our local community. With these pillars in mind, we continue to incorporate smart city concepts into existing city functions in order to develop a continuously evolving project pipeline that we use to help determine where to invest our time and resources next.

-- Mayor Gary McCarthy, City of Schenectady

Find out more about the local leaders involved in the Schenectady Smart City Advisory Commission (SSCAC) here.

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