City Owned Vacant Lots

List of City Owned Vacant Lots for Sale 

Vacant Lot Purchase Offer Form

Property Management Committee Meetings

Electronic Application (For Vacant Lots Only)

How to Make an Offer on Vacant Lots

Offers on vacant land must be submitted through the electronic application process. To access the electronic application, please click on the link at the top of the page labeled "Application to Purchase City Owned Vacant Lots". All potential purchasers must demonstrate financial ability to purchase the property, bring it up to code if necessary and to complete any work as proposed in your application.

To demonstrate financial ability to purchase, the potential purchasers must present documentation sufficient to satisfy the City. The following documentation is required:  

  • Purchase Offer Form (PDF above)
  • Two (2) most recent paystubs 
  • The prior year’s filed tax return
  • Two (2) consecutive months of certified bank statements
  • Any other documents you wish to include to show proof of financial ability to cover offer amount
  • Valid government issued identification

In addition to financial ability, all prospective buyers will be cross referenced with the City of Schenectady’s Bureau of Code Enforcement and Bureau of Receipts to determine whether or not the prospective buyer is up to date on their taxes and/or has outstanding code violations. In addition, the City of Schenectady will check the purchaser for outstanding liens, judgments, bankruptcies and other pertinent information.  

* These are general guidelines which will be followed; However the City acknowledges that there are unique facts and circumstances to each sale and sometimes it may be necessary to deviate from these procedures. No sales are final until after Council approval and a closing occurs, and the City reserves the right to deviate from these guidelines on a case-by-case basis at its sole discretion with Council consent.*