City of Schenectady Police Officer

Career Advancement

As the 7th largest police department in New York State, the Schenectady Police Department offers many different opportunities for its police officers to advance their careers.

  1. Sergeant
  2. Detective
  3. Evidence Technician

SergeantAfter 3 years as a Police Officer, Officers can apply and test for the position of Sergeant. Sergeants as first line supervisors are responsible for overseeing patrol officers or detectives assigned to their same shifts. The department has various specialized Sergeants in addition to those assigned directly to Field Services as Patrol Sergeants or those assigned to Investigative Services as Detective Sergeants.  Sergeant is also the first level of supervisor for advancement into the Department's administration.

  1. Motors/Traffic Officer
  2. K9 Handler

Traffic officer on motorcycleThe Traffic Division is a specialized division of Field Services. Officers assigned to the Traffic Division have the opportunity to attend Advanced Crash/Reconstruction Investigation Schools, become a D.R.E., a motorcycle/atv operator, or DOT inspector for the department. Officers assigned here primarily respond to and investigate Traffic related matters for the City.

  1. Training Division
  2. Professional Standards
  3. Technology Unit

Police Academy Training

The Training Division consists of members of the department whom are assigned on a both full time and part time basis. The Division is responsible for overseeing all aspects of training for the department from the basic academy to in-service training, firearms qualification, and annual updates. Members of the Schenectady Training Division are frequently also traveling to assist other agencies throughout this State and have assisted in developing and rolling out training that has been implemented throughout New York.

Choice of shift assignments, platoon work schedules, vacation selections, and most job assignments are done strictly by seniority. Members of the department may bid for many positions during or as soon as they pass the Zone 5 Regional Police Academy.

Promotion to the rank of Sergeant or Detective Sergeant begins after 3 years of service. Second line supervisor promotion opens a year after the rank of Sergeant is obtained.