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City Council

  1. City Council Privilege of the Floor Submission Form

    The Schenectady City Council will be conducting their Committee and Council Meetings via teleconference to help reduce the spread of... More…


  1. Application to Purchase City Owned Structure

    This electronic application is specific to the purchase of City owned property. Applications include parcels that contain one or more... More…

  2. CDBG, ESG, and Home Quarterly Report form (rev.2022)

    Qtr 1 begins October 1 -December 31 - Report due by January 15 Qtr 2 begins January 1- March 31 - Report due by April 15 Qtr 3... More…

  3. Hamilton Hill Affordable Home Ownership Interest Form

    AIKMLB Holdings is to revitalize Summit Avenue and nearby properties. The development team is working closely with the City of... More…

  4. Local Contractor Registration

    All submitted registrations will be reviewed by the Office of Affirmative Action and the Department of Development Quarterly before... More…

  5. Request Mortgage Discharge or Payoff Letter or Subordination
  1. Application to Purchase City Owned Vacant Lots

    This electronic application is specific to the purchase of City owned vacant lots. All materials are required at the time of... More…

  2. Community Development Payment Request Form
  3. HOMES: Open House Work Shop

    Welcome! Please complete the information below to register for this upcoming workshop.

  4. Request a call back
  5. Request to host a workshop or event


  1. Volunteer Cleanup Event Sign-Up Form

    •May 7, 2022 at 9:30am: Mont Pleasant Neighborhood Meeting Location: Bridge Christian Church, 735 Crane Street, Schenectady, NY 12303... More…