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Employment Application


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    1. Schenectady Seal

    2. Please TYPE or PRINT clearly. This application must be completed and signed personally by the applicant. Each Question must be answered in full. if answer is NO or NONE, indicate such. We appreciate your interest in employment with the City of Schenectady.

      We are an equal Opportunity Employer. We consider all applications for all positions without regard to race, color religion, gender, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, martial status, veteran status, sexual orientation, arrest/criminal record, genetic predisposition or carrier status, or any other legally protected status or class. Applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation to participate in the application and/or interviewing process are encouraged to contact the human Resources Offices.

    3. Are You Available For:

    4. How were you referred to the City of Schenectady?

    5. Are you currently employed?

    6. If yes, may contact your employer to obtain employment? information?

    7. Have you ever filed an application or interviewed for employment with the City of Schenectady?

    8. Have you ever been employed with the City of Schenectady?

    9. Are you legally eligible for employment in the United States?

      Employment eligibility verification will be required upon employment.

    10. If you are under 18 years of age, can you provide required proof of your eligibility to work?

    11. If you have been provided with a job description for the position for which you are applying, are you able to perform the essential functions of the position with or or without reasonable accomodation?

    12. Do not give dates

    13. Do not give dates

    14. Do not give dates

    15. Words per minute

    16. Military history

    17. Have you ever been convicted of and/or plead guilty to a felony?

    18. Have you been convicted of and/or plead guilty to a misdemeanor within the past five years?