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City of Schenectady

Performance Metrics







Below are links to various functions of City Government. The City provides

information on the productivity of its Government leaders and employees

to expand the knowledge of its property owners as to how their dollars are spent





911 statistics help show where resources are focused in order to be most effective for residents of Schenectady
To ensure safety and maintain investments for our property owners - The City must review building construction and alterations to make sure they meet NYS Building Codes as well as local codes
Various different City Departments work in unison to provide services that are depended on to be delivered daily
It is the goal of the City of Schenectady to be fiscally responsible and transparent to its property owners and residents



The City of Schenectady also has been working hard on promoting owner occupied housing. Use the links to access the Homes and Key to City website
Maintaining ethical standards of City of Schenectady employees and business partners is vital to the effectiveness and integrity of City government

These metrics provide information about delivery of services as well as the overall operations in Schenectady and should be considered a public report card on City operations