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Municipal Golf Course
Matt Daley, Head Professional

Restaurant - 518-382-5153

Schenectady Municipal Golf Course Joins Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program (click for press release)


Schenectady City Pools - Summer Hours:


Central Park Pool
Located in Central Park  


2015 Pool Schedule

Opens June 29th

Closes August 23rd

Front Street Pool
Located on Front St. 


2015 Pool Schedule

Opens July 6th 

Closes August 22nd

Hillhurst Pool
Located on Campbell Street

2015 Pool Schedule

Opens July 6th 

Closes August 21st

Quackenbush Pool
Located on Forest Rd.

2015 Pool Schedule

Opens July 6th 

Closes August 21st

Application Forms for use of Park facilities:

     Central Park Pavilion Rental Agreement and Application

     Central Park Rose Garden Facility Permit and Usage Rules

     Central Park Music Haven Facility Permit and Usage Rules

     Central Park Facility Reservation Form

     Rose Garden Brick Order Form

     Revocable License Form for use of City of Schenectady Facilities

Listing of City Parks and their locations:

(Parks are listed alphabetically)
Carrie Street Park
Carrie Street
Central Park
Central Parkway
Fairview Park
Front Street Park
Front Street
Grout Park
Hamburg Street
Hillhurst Park
Campbell Avenue
Jerry Burrell Park
Kailberg Park
Lenox Road
Liberty Park
Michigan Avenue Park
Mt. Pleasant fields
Norwood Avenue
Orchard Park
Orchard Street
Pulaski Park
State/Nott Terrace
Quackenbush Park
Forest Road
Riverside Park
South Avenue Park
Park/South Avenue
Steimack Park
Cutler/Davis Terrace
Steinmetz Memorial
Wendell Avenue
Steinmetz Park
Lenox Road
Vale Park
Nott Terrace
Veterans' Park
State Street
Wallingford Park
Westinghouse Park
Woodlawn Park
Ricci/Kings Road
Woodlawn Preserve
McDonald & Gifford

Central Park Rose Garden

If you would like to make a donation to the Rose Garden Restoration Committee, the form can be found here.

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