Animal Control

Lost Dog Information

This office handles dog issues only.
If dogs were found without owner, please check out the pictures and information provided on Facebook.

Schenectady Animal Control is now using Finding Rover to reconnect people with their lost dogs. People can register with Finding Rover through Facebook and email along with picture of the dog and a zip code. You can register using free Finding Rover mobile app (IOS or Android) or website.  

If you are the owner of the dog then follow these steps for collecting a dog at our shelter:
View of City Hall exterior
  1. Contact the Animal Control Officer at 518-382-5200, ext. 5655 to determine if we have the dog. If no answer, contact the Unified Communication Center (UCC) at 518-630-0911.
  2. If we have the animal in question, please report to the City Clerk’s Office with proof of rabies vaccination. If the dog is not licensed, you will be required to obtain a license before the dog can be released. There is a fee associated with the obtaining a license. This can only take place during normal working hours.
  3. Pay the redemption fee and any other fines associated with the recovery of the dog.
  4. The Clerk’s office will contact the Animal Control Office (ACO) or Schenectady Police Department (SPD) to set up transfer of dog to owner’s care. Bring the receipt with you so that payment can be verified.
Please visit our Schenectady Animal Control Facebook page to get updated lost dog information.